Extruded Heatsinks

With hundreds of standard profile shapes already tooled, we can usually find an off-the-shelf solution for your extruded heatsink requirements. All our profiles are designed with optimum cooling in mind, greatly reducing system temperatures and increasing MTTF and system reliability.
All of our profiles can be machined and customised to suit your needs, meeting the specific demands of your application. Various finishing options are available including anodising, chromating and degreasing.
Bluecore also have a wealth of experience is the design and tooling of custom extrusions, so if one of our of-the-shelf solutions doesn’t suit your design we can design one that will. Our highly qualified engineering team will be with you from the design stage through to manufacture to make sure your design is a success.
We currently manufacture products for many different applications from computer and industrial through to high end medical, military and aerospace.
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Please note that this website does not carry all of our profiles so if you can’t see what you are looking for then please feel free to contact us with your requirements.


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  • CMM and precision measuring tools
  • Thermal measurement devices
  • Thermal chambers
  • Shock testing and cycling
  • Salt spray testing for corrosion analysis

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  • State of the art CNC machinery
  • Stringent quality control
  • Latest production techniques
  • Focus on continuous improvement
  • Robust packaging design

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