The thermal demands on consumer electronics are increasing all the time, with smaller package sizes and greater power output making heat dissipation ever more complex. Electronic manufacturers now identify thermal issues as the main barrier to providing the technologies that consumers demand. This issue is further compounded by the trend towards removing fans in favour of passive cooled components and low side heatsinks.
Bluecore have a wealth of experience in these products and are increasingly approached at the concept phase, enabling us to help optimise thermal designs at the beginning of a product’s lifecycle.
Bluecore have provided products for:

  • Solid state drives
  • USB flash drive cases
  • DRAM
  • Set top boxes
  • White goods
  • Televisions

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  • CMM and precision measuring tools
  • Thermal measurement devices
  • Thermal chambers
  • Shock testing and cycling
  • Salt spray testing for corrosion analysis

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  • State of the art CNC machinery
  • Stringent quality control
  • Latest production techniques
  • Focus on continuous improvement
  • Robust packaging design

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