As the capability of modern electronics and processors increase, it has been possible to add more and more functionality to modern test and measurement equipment.  This increased power and functionality has come at a price with more heat being created, often in a smaller area, which greatly increases the power densities of these products. This has meant a move towards more advanced cooling solutions, often incorporating heat pipes and active cooling in order to maximise product performance and reliability. This is especially pertinent as the industry takes a more modular approach, delivering a range of upgradeable functionality from a basic test chassis.
Typical applications include hot and cold side heat sinks for Peltier devices, heat transfer using spreader plates or heat pipes, or routing heat to the outer casing for dissipation while maintaining safe touch temperatures.  Adding cloud functionality or wifi capability to devices also increases their heat output, which needs to be managed without increasing the size of the products.  The thermal design of the outer sheet metal casing and location of perforations can also be key to product performance.
Bluecore have designed thermal solutions for:

  • Sample heaters & coolers
  • Desk top metrology
  • Torque sensors on production lines
  • Large scale laboratory equipment

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  • CMM and precision measuring tools
  • Thermal measurement devices
  • Thermal chambers
  • Shock testing and cycling
  • Salt spray testing for corrosion analysis

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  • State of the art CNC machinery
  • Stringent quality control
  • Latest production techniques
  • Focus on continuous improvement
  • Robust packaging design

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